Casting Our Care October 24, 2016

When Jesus was upon the earth, He taught His disciples how to pray. He directed them to present their daily needs before God, and to cast all their care upon Him. And the assurance He gave them that their petitions should be heard, is assurance also to us.

     Jesus Himself, while He dwelt among men, was often in prayer. He is our example in all things. His humanity made prayer a necessity and a privilege. He found comfort and joy in communion with His Father. And if the Saviour of men, the Son of God, felt the need of prayer, how much more should feeble, sinful mortals feel the necessity of fervent, constant prayer.

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Upcoming Events at the Remnant Adventist Church
Stewardship Weekend - John Lomacang - Oct 28, Fri 7:30 PM - Vesper Services.  
Baptismal Classes - Oct 29, Sat 10:15 AM - Will meet in the Fellowship Hall
Stewardship Weekend - John Lomacang - Oct 29, Sat 11:00 AM - Divine Service
Women's Ministry Prayer Group - Oct 29, Sat 5:00 PM
Bible Study - Oct 29, Sat 5:30 PM
Vespers - Nov 4, Fri 7:30 PM - Vesper Services.