Be a Witness July 30, 2016

We should all become witnesses for Jesus. Let the world see that we are not selfishly absorbed in our own interests, but that we desire others to share our blessings and privileges. Let them see that our religion does not make us unsympathetic or exacting. Let all who profess to have found Christ minister as He did for the benefit of men.

     We should never give to the world the false impression that Christians are a gloomy, unhappy people. If we are courteous and gentle at home, we shall carry the savor of a pleasant disposition when away from home. If we manifest forbearance, patience, meekness, and fortitude in the home, we shall be able to be a light to the world.

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Upcoming Events at the Remnant Adventist Church
Baptismal Classes - Jul 30, Sat 10:15 AM - Will meet in the Fellowship Hall
Sabbath Worship - Jul 30, Sat 11:00 AM - Divine service
Women's Ministry Prayer Group - Jul 30, Sat 5:00 PM
Bible Study - Jul 30, Sat 5:30 PM
Vespers - Aug 5, Fri 7:30 PM - Vesper Services.
Outreach WE - TBD - Aug 26, Fri 7:30 PM - Vesper Services.